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The only major life purchase that we don't shop for...

After the cost of a home and an automobile, the funeral service is, usually, the third most expensive cost item we'll encounter in our lives.

Purchasing a funeral service and interment for a loved one is, thankfully, a unique buying experience that we seldom undertake. It is a major expense that can easily total in excess of $15,000 dollars.  

Usually, purchases this expensive warrant comparison shopping and looking for ways to ensure that you're getting the best value for your dollar. But, in the funeral situation, you're faced with a short time frame to make major, expensive decisions. Plus, you're working through a time when you're burdened with strong emotions and feelings of grief, loss and sadness.

Several tips and suggestions that can help to save thousands of dollars on the total cost of a funeral and interment:


          Before the arrangement conference with a funeral home decide on the type of

          service you want and the details of how the service should be conducted.

          Once you determine what you want and how you want the service conducted,

          stick to your plan. Don't be "sold" items you don't want or need.

          Understand what you are buying and, as a consumer, what your rights are.

          Review the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule to know your rights

          as a funeral consumer.

          Understand the difference between the words "protect" and "preserve." Accept

          the reality of natural decomposition. Don't overspend trying to achieve an

          unreasonable wish.


          Shop for the best value for your dollar in the services being provided.

          Look for any opportunity to purchase funeral items (casket, flowers, headstone,

          printed material, etc.) outside of the funeral home.


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